Sunday, 13 May 2012


Hey there Book Worms, Sorry there was no post yesterday or the day before I was caught up with homework... Urgg the pain, so that is why there was no posts, please blame my teachers not me. But i'm back, and i'm now 39% into Earth by Shauna Granger and its all starting to get tense as I come up to half way! but I still can't put it down, Granger, is a very talented writer as she choose to write about something that quite a lot of people write about nowadays!
Books Worms Twitter is now back up and running you can follow it here @Book_Worm_Blog and please feel free to tweet me and follow me.
I know this may seem like a lot but is there anychance that I can get 3 more follows by June the 11th? So if you are reading this post on my blog and you aren't following me please follow me! And please tell your friends about this blog too if you don't mind.
Love Worm x

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