Review Policy:

If you are an Author and you want me to review your book, Please send an email to and I will happily read your book, but please in note that I mainly only read YA (Young adult) books. If you send me all of the books details in the email then I can take notes on it so that if I truly love it and it is part of a series I will want to read the rest.
Also please note that I only do reviews because I love reading I am not a professional, Also I will not try and offend the author in anyway possible and wil not list the things I did not like about the book, but my rating out of 5 will reflect how much I enjoyed the book.
If you are a new and upcoming author then placing your book on a blog like mine might be a way of earning you name.
I have a kindle so I will happily read of that but that is all I have, so sorry. Also if you do send me a paper copy of your book I will send it back if you wish or possible lent it to friends who enjoy reading to spread your name?

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