Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Good news, I guess

I have decided that I will start making video vlog to read stacks things, they will probably be once a month or something because otherwise books will probably get repeated over and over again so yeah. I will probably create the odd extra vlog though as well like if I really feel a book and I have to show you my emotions about the book. So yes that is all but this blog will still be my main feature. So yay!
Off to read some more of Hades so see you in a bit 
Ashleigh x 

Friday, 25 January 2013


Omg! Mega book Hyp! I was just checking to see if 'Goddesses' realease date had been set yet in the UK and I saw the cover its beautiful and you don't understand how hyped I am it coming out on the 6th June! OMG I love those books Starcrossed and Dreamless are simply breathtaking they are that good and I'm sure Goddess will be just as good if not better! Plus all of the covers are to die for so! But I'm really sad that this is the last book in the series, I'm going to just be walking round the house mopping again after reading this I can tell, like I was after reading Rpature, wait I still do that for Rapture it was so good, it can't be the end it was just the start ohhhh *goes and cries* There's some books you never truly get over.
Bye for now Book Worms, Going to read Hades now by Alexandra Adornetto
Ashleigh x