Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dear all book worms

I hope to almost give daily updates about my reading up please bare with me because of my exams so posts maybe not be daily until after the 20th of June so please don't think i've left the blog.
On the left their is a photo of the book which i'm currently reading and i'm now 17% in and loving every minute if it Shauna Granger is a brilliant author and I will be looking for some more of her books as I'm currently hooked on her book.
When I was doing my English assessment today I was looking round my classroom, don't worry I had finished, I noticed that she had put loads of... almost quotes around the classroom to try and get people to read more books like 'Good writers read' and 'Don't judge a book by it's film' and it made me think that you do have to think about things before you start a book because if the film was really bad then it might put you off reading the book.
I've been thinking of ways that I could revamp this blog and I thought of monthly reading lists or maybe a 'BOOK OF THE MONTH'  or maybe even setting up an email address and having people send in book reviews of the book of the month? I'll make sure it is a free one for kindle readers? Because Earth was a free book from amazon which shows that it isn't only the really bad ones which are free.
Love Worm x

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