Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Malinda Lo Books

Ash is one truly amazing story of a girl who losses both of her parents at an a early age, after her fathers death she has to re-pay her fathers debts until the day she breaks free. she meets Sidhean a powerful a fairy and the Kings huntress Kaisa, she loves both of them, but which love is stronger?
Ash, is faced with many teenage problems such as falling in love, fighting with her step sisters and so on, so I think this can help many teenager face problems that come in life 
Here is a link to the book trailer of Ash
Ash by Malinda Lo
The book cover
Photo: http://www.malindalo.com/ash/
This book only came out in April 2011 and i am still on the Hunt for it and as soon as i get and read it i will give a full review on it but from the online trailer it looks amazing!
Here is the Link to the online trailer!
Huntress by Malinda Lo
The book Cover
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