Sunday, 19 June 2011

Folding pages or Bookmarks?

Folding Pages or Bookmarks?
This is a serious question, I'm not joking, because i ALWAYS use a bookmark but i seem to be the only person who does, I use a bookmark for a year then buy a new one i don't know why i do but i do, I don't fold the pages because i don't want to ruin the book, i think that's why i don't fold the pages, but to tell the truth i'm not to sure why i use a bookmark.
Are you a Page folder or a bookmarker?
Please comment I would like to see your comments and i write back to most if not all.
This year I've used a Postcard of J.B. from JLS because i was on holiday and i dropped my other one in the pool :'( so it wasn't very clever, so my sister lent me one of her JLS postcards and with J.B. being my Favourite member of the band but i'm not a huge fan, I got him. 
My current bookmark
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Love Worm xo
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