Friday, 7 October 2011

Michael Crichton The Author

Michael Crichton was born on 23rd October 1942 in Illinois U.S and died on 4th November 2008. Over the years Michael has written loads of books such as Congo, The Andromeda Strain, Rising Sun, ECT. But is probably most famous for Jurassic Park and the Lost World.
The Jurassic Park books where written in 1990 (the first one) and 1995 (the second). Both of these films have been made into films and i can say the films are no where near as detailed as the books, as the books are truly AMAZING! As something is always happening they are never boring!
Overall there has been Three Jurassic Park films are they may even be a Fourth but there was only two book which i think reunions i a bit because normally i'll read the book before i see the film but i will not be able to do this is they make another film.
Alternate Book Cover: Jurassic Park
The first book cover
The second book cover

Photo from the first film
Photo from the second film
Photo from the Third film
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